Life Choices Academy graduate, Kyle Jacobs began his internship at BNRY as a front end developer in February this year and he is fast ticking off personal and professional goals.


Kyle is grateful that his communication skills have improved in his role at BNRY

I was really bad at communicating with people. I was always anxious when I needed to approach someone but now, since I began working, I feel like my communications skills have grown and it’s much easier to approach people and discuss things. That has given me a self-confidence boost. 

Kyle describes one of his key goals at BNRY

I want to be someone who is part of the team and someone that they can depend on in the company. It’s what I am aiming for – that I can be seen as someone my colleagues can rely on. For example, in the future, I want to be given a serious project and I would like them to trust me to do it.  

Kyle is grateful for the internship opportunity

The best thing about working is that I can help my mom financially. When my family needs money I can provide for them. These days, my mom doesn’t need to think about supporting me anymore because I can provide for myself. 

Kyle describes the learning experiences on the job so far…

I have been learning new skills including personal skills such as having patience because I am really not a patient person!

Kyle has some advice for interns entering a professional working environment

It is better to listen well and to ask a lot of questions in order to make sure that what is being asked of you, is what you correctly understand is being asked of you. Even if it means asking the same questions, it is better to do it since if you misunderstand, you can create extra work for yourself because then you would have to redo the same task.