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Most youth from low-resourced communities can’t access or afford tertiary education, nor the cost of living without earning an income for the duration of study. In addition to that, formal education is not agile enough to respond to industry needs and the skills gap continues to increase in a country with high unemployment.


Innovative models to educate and equip youth for employment in areas of high demand and decent earnings (fast).

Our Model

12-month full-time Coding Bootcamp

Web Development

3 Months


3 Months

Paid Internship

6 Months

We succeed when you succeed.
Employment is our and our partners’ end game!

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What We Stand For


Talent is well spread among communities (statistically low-income communities should have the same or higher amount of talent).


Industry knows better.


4 Years of work experience outperforms
4 years of studying (skills and earnings).


Fast pathways to earning.

Don’t just land a job, launch a career

Chad Masella

“I grew up in Kewtown – Athlone. I was a withdrawn child, growing up in a rough environment. As a young boy, I realised that I wanted to be different and I aspired not to live in the same ways others in the community lived. I had big dreams to travel the world.

Raegan Beck

“I was born into a world of bullets – Manenberg on the Cape Flats. It is one of South Africa’s most notorious hotspots for gang violence. Scores of innocent bystanders get caught in the crossfire between rival gangs daily."

Kirsten Stemmet

From despondency to planning to buy her first home, Kirsten has turned her life around through the opportunity she has received in the Life Choices Academy. Twelve months of a coding learnership has changed Kirsten’s attitude and lifestyle.

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